The Civic 50: 2021 Survey Webinar

The webinar covers The Civic 50 overview, instructions and new racial equity questions included in the 2021 survey.

On Dec. 15, Points of Light launched The Civic 50 2021 survey and hosted an informational webinar. For nearly a decade, companies have used The Civic 50 framework (investment, integration, institutionalization and impact) and survey questions as a comprehensive evaluation tool and roadmap for driving greater social impact in their communities. The Civic 50 survey equips CSR and corporate citizenship teams with a framework and benchmarking data to connect their strategy to tactics and tell their story of impact. 

To address the critical importance of racial equity and the impact companies can make in communities around the world, The Civic 50 will now include several new questions that indicate progress on actions to implement and sustain change inside the organization and in a company’s relationship to its community. 

Interested companies can download the webinar presentation and visit the applicant information page for additional details, FAQs and a downloadable document with the 2021 survey questions. If you have questions or need assistance with the survey, please email

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