Flipping the Script: Strategies for a Community-Focused Employee Volunteer Program


Purpose-driven work is important to today’s employees and employers seeking to fulfill this need by offering volunteer service programs. However, volunteer service needs to be more than enhancing employee engagement. What if corporate service days really responded to the needs of nonprofits? What if corporations organized employee service programs such that nonprofits are empowered to work in partnership to bring value for achieving their mission? What if employees came away with experiences that deepened their commitment to community service?

Flipping the script can bring value to all parties. At Liberty Mutual, our service and volunteer programs lead with the community. Our intention is to partner with the nonprofits in our communities across the globe by curating opportunities for vital work and ensuring that our employees learn about and engage deeply with nonprofit causes and the people they serve. For nearly a decade, we have offered a service program with a focus on simplicity and making it easy for nonprofits to partner with us.

We will share how scalable structural design can assist a small team (five people) to reach beyond corporate headquarters’ geography and implement a program that meets need of hundreds of local communities where our 50,000 employees live and work.


  • Trish Gillis, Director, Volunteering & Special Projects, Liberty Mutual
  • Sylvia Stevens-Edouard, Senior Director, Community Relations, Liberty Mutual

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