Empathy In Motion: Introduction

Find purpose in volunteering and elevate your volunteer experience with the free open online course "Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering", brought to you by the RW Institute and hosted by openSAP, is available to companies and volunteers globally.

Companies across the globe are gatekeepers of a valuable experience for employees, providing support and resources for employees to take action and make a difference in the communities where they live and work.

As a corporate social responsibility leader, you realize that providing volunteer opportunities and support can build morale, encourage team building, increase productivity and help to develop and build your company culture.

But what’s the best way to create or strengthen volunteer programs? 

Empathy in Motion: The Power of Employee Volunteering,” a free, open online course from industry leaders RW Institute and hosted by openSAP, can help you take volunteering to the next level, whether your company has established volunteering processes and structures or is just beginning to organize and drive volunteering initiatives.

Learn in four hours how to engage with volunteers to move from transactional to transformative events, how to encourage team building in a deeper way – and how to make a positive impact on the world.

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