CSR for HR: What Can We Learn from a 10,000 Mile Happiness Walk

Join a small panel of board members from Gross National Happiness USA as they share recent research findings and analysis from a 10,000 Happiness Walk across the USA.

With growing interest from governmental agencies and businesses across the world, the use of subjective well-being is still in its infancy in the United States. The potential to leverage human happiness as a source for taking action and partnering on community needs is also a beneficial business strategy. Engaged purpose-driven employees are productive, happy employees, yielding the ultimate triple win - for individuals, the company and the community.

Participants will map their own happiness science strategy to take back to their own organizations and communities to drive people-powered change.


  • Susan Schuster, Principal Community Relations Consultant, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota
  • Paula Francis, Co-Founder and President, Gross National Happiness USA (and Happiness Walker!)
  • Michael Moser, Research Specialist at the University of Vermont Center for Rural Studies, and GNHUSA Board Member
  • Rob Moore, Principal Policy Analyst, Scioto Analysis, and GNHUSA Board Member