Annual Corporate Service Council Meeting with Guest, Ashley Spillane

You'll get an update on CSC activities for 2020 as well as a compelling presentation by Ashley Spillane encouraging companies to increase voter turnout among their employees.

Leading a civically engaged company requires a solid understanding of key trends and opportunities.  This is especially true as you consider your company’s role in encouraging and engaging employees around voting.  During this CSC webinar, you'll hear from Ashley Spillane, Harvard’s Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation Fellow as she discusses her latest research, “Civic Responsibility: The Power of Companies to Increase Voter Turnout.”  

This webinar served as a kick-off of the fifteenth anniversary year of Points of Light’s Corporate Service Council hosted by UPS’s Corporate Service Council Chair, Eduardo Martinez, President of The UPS Foundation and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer.  

We are very excited to explore this topic and share different strategies for companies to engage their employees and customers in promoting voter turnout and civic engagement. As one company featured in the report expressed, “We had to ask ourselves, ‘Are we taking a risk by not engaging? By not celebrating Election Day?’ I do think doing nothing is the real business risk now.”

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