Octavia Boyd

  • United States of America

Company Sector

Consumer Discretionary (Automobiles & Components) Communications (Telecommunications, Advertising, Media & Entertainment) Consumer Discretionary (Household Durables, Leisure, Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods) Consumer Discretionary (Hotels, Restaurants, Leisure) Consumer Discretionary (Retail, Distributors) Consumer Staples (Food, Beverage, Household & Personal Products) Education Energy Expert Partner Financial (Banks, Diversifed Financials, Insurance) Government Healthcare (Equipment & Services, Biotech, Pharma, Life Sciences) Industrials (Aerospace & Defense) Industrials (Building Products, Construction & Engineering, etc) Industrials (Commercial and Professional Services) Industrials (Transportation) Information Technology (Software & Services, Hardware & Equipment, Semiconductors) Legal Services Materials (Chemicals, Construction Materials, Paper & Forest Products, etc) Nonprofit Real Estate Utilities (Electric, Gas, Water, Multi-Utilities)

Years in the Corporate Citizenship Field

1 - 5 years

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Advocacy Board Service Connecting Employee Engagement to the SDGs Creating a Culture of Service Creating Programs for Small/Mid-sized Businesses or Start-ups Cross-border Volunteering Cross-sector Partnerships Designing Corporate Citizenship Strategy Developing and Executing a Successful Day/Week/Month of Service Developing Employee Champions or Committees Disaster Relief, Response, Preparedness & Community Resiliency Diversity & Inclusion Dollars for Doers Employee Engagement & Activation Engaging Generations in Service Event Planning Family Volunteering Government Affairs Grant Making Impact Investing Internal Communications Job Purposing Leveraging Technology for Social Impact Matching Gifts Measurement & Evaluation Nonprofit Capacity Building Policy Development Public Relations Scaling Social Impact Programs around the World Skills-based Volunteering & Pro Bono Storytelling Volunteering Working with Diverse Workforces (Hourly, Plants, Retail, Unions, etc.) Workplace Giving Campaigns

Company Size (Annual Revenue in $USD)

$500Million - $1Billion

Company Focus Areas

Animal Welfare  Arts, Culture and Humanities Children and Youth Development Civil/Human Rights, Equality, Equity and Empowerment Community Development and Revitalization Disaster Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Education & Literacy Employee-driven Issues and Causes Employment and Workforce Development Environment and Sustainability Financial Wellness Food, Hunger, Agriculture and Nutrition Health and Wellbeing Legal Aid and Support Military and Veteran Support Poverty and Homelessness Public Safety Recreation and Sports Research and Public Policy Social Services Technology (Digital Divide, etc.)

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Apr 21, 2022

Thank you so much. I sure do appreciate the insight being new to this community!