Project Manager , Nationwide
  • Nationwide
  • United States of America

Years in the Corporate Citizenship Field

1 - 5 years

Company Sector

Financial (Banks, Diversifed Financials, Insurance) Information Technology (Software & Services, Hardware & Equipment, Semiconductors)

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Board Service Creating a Culture of Service Designing Corporate Citizenship Strategy Developing and Executing a Successful Day/Week/Month of Service Diversity & Inclusion Employee Engagement & Activation Public Relations Skills-based Volunteering & Pro Bono Storytelling Volunteering Working with Diverse Workforces (Hourly, Plants, Retail, Unions, etc.) Workplace Giving Campaigns

Company Size (Annual Revenue in $USD)

$1B - $5Billion

Company Focus Areas

Children and Youth Development Civil/Human Rights, Equality, Equity and Empowerment Community Development and Revitalization Food, Hunger, Agriculture and Nutrition Poverty and Homelessness

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Aug 07, 2020
Replying to Deborah Napierski

Thanks so much for your response!  And yes I have tried the download icon but for some reason it isn't downloading the document.  If you haven't heard this more broadly it may have something to do with my settings.  I did reach out to Bea directly as well in hopes of obtaining this most helpful list.  Again thank you.

Mine is not working to download either!