Chris Jarvis

Executive Director, RW Institute

About Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Realized Worth, a global agency focused on the design and implementation of employee-led volunteering and giving programs. His work with Fortune 500 companies around the world is helping to mobilize hundreds of thousands of employees to make meaningful contributions in the communities where they live and work. Widely known for his thought-leadership in employee volunteering, workplace giving and corporate social responsibility, in 2011, Chris was asked by the United Nations Office of Partnerships to design and launch the first private sector led initiative to achieve the post-millennial Sustainable Development Goals through corporate volunteering. Chris now volunteers on the board of IMPACT 2030, the only business-led effort designed to unite companies in their corporate volunteering efforts to address the United Nations’ Development Agenda. Chris also offers Impact Coaching to CEOs and executive leaders around the world. In 2015, Chris and his partner, Angela Parker, launched the RW Institute (RWI), a think tank focused on advancing the practice and theory of corporate volunteering through innovative projects, research, analysis and public policy change. RWI is comprised of an association of stakeholders who are committed to removing existing barriers and promoting the practice and theory of corporate volunteering on a global scale. The goal is to help practitioners be more successful – whether they are clients, engaged formally or not. Chris believes the work these people do as part of corporate citizenship is critical to addressing the social and environmental issues facing our global society. When not traveling, Chris spends time with his kids in his home base of Indianapolis, Indiana. He enjoys a good scotch and unwinding to an epic storyline.

Years in the Corporate Citizenship Field

11+ years

Company Sector

Education Expert Partner

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Connecting Employee Engagement to the SDGs Creating a Culture of Service Designing Corporate Citizenship Strategy Diversity & Inclusion Employee Engagement & Activation Impact Investing Measurement & Evaluation Scaling Social Impact Programs around the World

Company Size (Annual Revenue in $USD)

Less than $500Million

Company Focus Areas

Community Development and Revitalization Employee-driven Issues and Causes Employment and Workforce Development Research and Public Policy

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Oct 17, 2022

Bea - your materials are always gold! Thank you for sharing.

Oct 20, 2021
Replying to Melissa Robinson

Any insights or examples that highlight companies that give you an extra day of PTO IF you volunteer for "X" hours and record it?

That's a great idea but I've not heard of a company doing it (which doesn't mean all that much since I am not on the client delivery side of things).

I HAVE heard of being able to donate your PTO to someone who needs more time to volunteer (if you cannot yourself). But I can't remember where... I'll keep thinking.


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