Lori Skinner

Community Outreach Sr. Specialist, Southwest Airlines
  • Southwest Airlines
  • United States of America

Years in the Corporate Citizenship Field

11+ years

Company Sector

Communications (Telecommunications, Advertising, Media & Entertainment) Expert Partner Industrials (Transportation)

Areas of Interest & Expertise

Board Service Connecting Employee Engagement to the SDGs Creating a Culture of Service Cross-border Volunteering Cross-sector Partnerships Designing Corporate Citizenship Strategy Developing Employee Champions or Committees Employee Engagement & Activation Engaging Generations in Service Event Planning Volunteering Working with Diverse Workforces (Hourly, Plants, Retail, Unions, etc.) Workplace Giving Campaigns

Company Size (Annual Revenue in $USD)

Greater than $5Billion

Company Focus Areas

Community Development and Revitalization Disaster Employment and Workforce Development Military and Veteran Support

Influencer Of