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Associate Director, Learning Programs, The Aspen Institute
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About Danielle Holly

I'm currently leading learning programs at the Aspen Institute's Business & Society Program, working with senior leaders to progress tangibly towards stakeholder capitalism and a world that makes society and the environment a part of its economy.  For the past ten years, I was the CEO of Common Impact, a pioneer and leader in skills-based volunteering.  I'm on a few nonprofit boards, Women in Innovation and Fan4Kids, and I'm a writer for Nonprofit Quarterly and a podcast host of Pro Bono Perspectives. Community engagement geek all around!

Years in the Corporate Citizenship Field

11+ years

Company Sector


Areas of Interest & Expertise

Cross-sector Partnerships

Company Size (Annual Revenue in $USD)

Less than $500Million

Company Focus Areas

Civil/Human Rights, Equality, Equity and Empowerment Economic Development and Entrepreneurship Employee-driven Issues and Causes

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Recent Comments

Jul 27, 2020

I learned so much from you -- and had a ton of fun -- in this conversation!  Thanks for sharing it!

Mar 11, 2020

Thanks so much for this important message, Jenny! It's critical that companies find safe and effective ways to continue to engage in their service efforts through this time of increased anxiety. So many nonprofits are losing thier support while the need for their services increases, and there are smart ways to volunteer through the safety of an employee's home or office, particulalry through skills-based volunteering and pro bono.  Thanks for sharing your guidance and advocacy.