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How are your Volunteerism Parameters Changing?

Started about 2 years ago

Good day CECE network,

Researching two things:

1) Given COVID-19 unusual circumstances, are your Companies allowing Employees to record "volunteer" time that is not for a 501c3 nonprofit organization or school?  If so, how are those hours classified in your volunteer system, and what parameters have you put in place to guide/define the type of activity recorded?  

2) What types of organizations do you allow Employees to record volunteer time for - 501c3 only, 501c4, 501c6, 170c1, schools, etc?  

Please reply to this post and/or email me directly. 

Thanks in advance for sharing,


Andrea Cavanagh

Community Outreach

Southwest Airlines


Hi Andrea, 

We kept our guidelines the same but our program includes things that others may not. We allow employees to log time with eligible organizations defined as: A non-profit organization certified for tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Service Code 501(c)(3) and/or a community organization whose mission supports the broader good of the community such as parks and recreation boards, religious organizations, schools, etc. 

Ineligible activities are political organizations and organizations in potential conflict with the our mission, vision, and values.

We allow employees to log one hour for each charitable walk, run or ride event they participate in, up to one hour per day for fostering an animal, giving blood, donation of breast milk (to nonprofit), etc.

Samantha Lucas (

Community Benefit and Engagement, Allina Health