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Ukraine Kits

Hi There,  I am brainstorming employee engagement responses to the crisis in Ukraine for a large group and wanted to see if anyone has packed kits for a benefiting NGO. If yes, I would love to know which organization you worked with and if possible, the kit packing list.  Thank you!  Lee 
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Favorite volunteer incentive?

Tell us what has been your favorite incentive to either give or receive to encourage participation in a volunteer effort?
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Is a poll worker a volunteer?

Curious if you'd consider an employee who is working at the election polls on election day a volunteer. I've learned they receive a small stipend for their training and full day at the polls on election day, which made me reconsider my previous stance that it does count as volunteer service. How would you advise an employee in a similar situation? 
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Hosting a virtual engagement "fair"

We're exploring hosting a fair in mid-Q1 to invite up to 30 of our nonprofit partners to share more about their missions with at least 1,000 of our employees in a virtual "fair" - this would include education about the organizations, as well as offering calls to action to donate and volunteer.  Combination of "live" interactive sessions plus resource sharing.  Has anyone done something like this in a full virtual environment? If so, what technology did you use and any lessons learned you can share? Thanks! - Christine
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How are your Volunteerism Parameters Changing?

Good day CECE network,Researching two things:1) Given COVID-19 unusual circumstances, are your Companies allowing Employees to record "volunteer" time that is not for a 501c3 nonprofit organization or school?  If so, how are those hours classified in your volunteer system, and what parameters have you put in place to guide/define the type of activity recorded?  2) What types of organizations do you allow Employees to record volunteer time for - 501c3 only, 501c4, 501c6, 170c1, schools, etc?  Please reply to this post and/or email me directly. Thanks in advance for sharing, Andrea CavanaghCommunity OutreachSouthwest 
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The age old subject of volunteer t-shirts!

How are you handling distributing t-shirts to project participants? Do you hand them out before the project or on-site?