When and How to Speak Up: How Companies Can Communicate their Corporate Purpose

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"It is important to take time to review how your company would respond to top issues and identify which ones matter most, particularly in the context of corporate purpose, values, brand, stakeholders, and business operations," Daryl Brewster, CEO, CECP. Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) encourages companies to identify issues that matter most to them, speak out when appropriate, and take action to make a tangible impact. Building on the work of Chatterji and Toffel, and experience with its 220+ companies, CECP has developed a framework through which CEOs and their teams can assess why, when, and how to take positions on social issues, identifying six questions for CEOs and their teams to consider.

  • What are your company’s purpose and values? It starts with the basics.
  • What issues matter to your company and its stakeholders? Relevance is key.
  • Should the company respond? Pick & choose your battles.
  • How to take action: What are your options? Internal messaging, external, or partnering with others.
  • Success or backlash? Anticipate the reaction.
  • What’s next?  Lip service matters but is only the start. 

CECP’s view is that the world’s leading corporations and their leaders have emerged as a steadying presence and remain uniquely qualified to continue to drive progress, despite unpredictable global circumstances. CECP is proud to work alongside and support those that are doing so. View more from the blog post here : When and How to Speak Up: How Companies Can Communicate Their Corporate Purpose


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