Value Volunteering

Value Volunteering brings together the extensive, excellent knowledge that relates to volunteering while breaking new ground to go deeper on business results.
Value Volunteering

CECP's Value Volunteering report helps reimagine workplace volunteering through a deeper understanding of its multi-layered results, centered on impact in the community. Value Volunteering breaks new ground by taking a holistic look at the results from workplace volunteering drawing upon existing research, focus groups, the perspective of nonprofit leaders, and more.

Key findings include:

  • Social impact and meeting community needs are the main results and value produced through workplace volunteering programs. At the same time, program success can have ripple effects on business results, including reputation, trust, customer loyalty, and more.
  • Value Volunteering has proven that people reward companies for high-quality workplace volunteering in terms of reputation, trust, and customer loyalty. Even more, the effect on trust and customer loyalty approximately double when people believe workplace volunteering truly makes a difference.
  • Value Volunteering has found that the most value is created by workplace volunteering programs that are intentional, thoughtfully designed, and authentic. Volunteer program design must be rooted first in the needs of nonprofit organizations and community stakeholders.

The report is the product of the Service for Impact working group, led by CECP and Philanthropy New York. Service for Impact was founded in 2009 to help corporate philanthropic leaders support their nonprofit partners in implementing the principles of Reimagining ServiceThe group consists of corporate grant makers and corporate volunteer leaders, fostering a peer network to share successes and challenges, brainstorm solutions, and explore new opportunities to make a difference in society while supporting business objectives through volunteerism. Talmetrix, an employee feedback and analytics company executed the survey in the Variations in Value section, and served as an important thought partner on research design and interpretation of insights.

Value Volunteering hopes to encourage nonprofit and corporate leaders to reimagine workplace volunteering as they read results from a survey of nonprofit leaders, program design breakdowns, and more.

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