The Responsible Brand Toolkit!

Just launched today, the Responsible Brand Toolkit is a free, open-source curriculum designed to teach businesses, nonprofit organizations, foundations, and social enterprises how to build high-impact brands

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Two marketing and communications firms with a shared commitment to social consciousness have joined forces to create the Responsible Brand® Toolkit: Riggs Partners of Columbia, S.C., and verynice of Los Angeles, C.A.

The Responsible Brand Toolkit combines much of what these two firms have done to help clients build brands that are purpose-driven and committed to building social impact into their culture, business strategy and brand marketing.

“The C-suite has been talking about the importance of leading with purpose for some time now, but today that concept has taken on an entirely new measure of importance,” said Teresa Coles, president of Riggs Partners. “We designed the Responsible Brand toolkit to give people from any size organization — not just the Fortune 500  — the processes and insights they need to build a foundation for both business growth and social good.”

The toolkit contains activities and exercises, which can be completed individually or through group facilitation, that help participants explore and define the trifecta behind every Responsible Brand: organizational culture, business strategy and brand marketing. The process is supported by a thorough case study that gives participants real examples of completed exercises, each of which shows how an organization can channel purpose and achieve clarity in these three areas. The toolkit ends with the completion of a Responsible Brand Canvas, a master framework that demonstrates the full integration of organizational culture, business strategy and brand marketing.

To access and download a free copy of the Responsible Brand toolkit, visit

Katy Elder

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