The Civic 50 2020 Key Trends & Insights Report

Key trends, benchmarking data and insights from The Civic 50 2020 honorees.
The Civic 50 2020 Key Trends & Insights Report

The Civic 50 2020 Key Trends & Insights Report 

We are excited to release The Civic 50 2020 Report featuring key trends, benchmarking data and insights from the 2020 honorees along with program highlights from the Sector Leaders! Join us on Friday, October 9 at 1 p.m. ET / 10 a.m. PT, for a special webinar (register) to dive deeper into the findings and showcase how leading companies are driving impact in their organizations and communities.  

 “At Points of Light, we believe that companies, their employee volunteers, vendors and customers can be transformative drivers of social change in communities around the world,” said Natalye Paquin, president and CEO, Points of Light. “The Civic 50 insights report is designed to help companies of all sizes as they develop their community impact agenda. In a time of a global pandemic and social unrest, companies are being called to act as civic leaders. The data and insights in this report supports them with ways to advance business interests and community stewardship.” 

Key Statistics and Highlights from The Civic 50 2020 Honorees: 
  • Generous giving. Donated $2.1 billion in cash and $5.6 of in-kind support to U.S. societal causes. 
  • Employee investment. Supported their U.S. employees in delivering 11.4 million volunteer hours, a value of $554 million to U.S. communities. 
  • Take diversity, equity and inclusion seriously. This year, 96 percent have diversity, equity and inclusion programs, which is up from 90 percent last year. 
  • Conscious focus. Overwhelmingly pursued environmental sustainability as a focus area (60 percent did), but many also pursued health and well-being (46 percent) and racial and other forms of equity (24 percent) well before COVID-19 and the racial-equity movement. 
  • Public leadership. Are taking leadership positions on societal causes (62 percent of CEOs or other company leaders took a public position on four or more public education or policy efforts).
  • Community involvement. Treat their community involvement as a board-level issue (82 percent include community engagement in board of directors’ meetings.) 

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