Skills for Cities 2020

Helping nonprofits nationwide respond to racial inequity and COVID-19
Skills for Cities 2020

Skills for Cities unites talented corporate and nonprofit professionals for a day of learning, community building and skills-based volunteering.

This year, we’re dedicating Skills for Cities to support racial justice and Black and POC-led nonprofits facing the double pandemic of racism and COVID-19. Keep reading or download this information sheet to get involved.

“Corporate volunteers, nonprofit professionals and local leaders: if each of us brings what we’re really good at to the table, then – together – we can build a stronger, more resilient city.”

– Danielle Holly, CEO, Common Impact

The State of the Social Sector

COVID-19 has created unprecedented health and financial upheavals in our cities. Simultaneously, we are in the midst of a civil rights movement protesting the continued violence and injustices afflicted upon Black Americans. Across the country, nonprofit organizations are stepping up with determination, selflessness and creativity, many of them providing essential services for the Black community and - oftentimes overlapping - those who COVID-19 has hit hardest: the young and old, disabled, ill, people of color, immigrants, LGBTQIA+ and those living in poverty.

But, as we continue to respond to COVID-19 and its long-term effects those same nonprofits are beleaguered by the combination of increased need, decreased funding, reduced staff and volunteers and ever-changing health and safety guidance. Most are struggling to continue their traditional programs and services, particularly small- and medium-sized community-based nonprofits.

Right now, many nonprofit organizations are at a crossroads. There is an immediate need for capital and other resources, but even if they sustain themselves through the near-term crisis, the long-term strain and continuing uncertainty surrounding the pandemic will impede their ability to pay rent, make payroll and continue fulfilling their missions.

Nonprofits need new strategies for delivering services, financial sustainability, crisis communications, technology and human resources. Without them, many vital nonprofits will not survive. In turn, the communities they serve will suffer even greater consequences.

Creating Solutions

This is where skilled volunteers come in, people who can bring whatever it is they’re already good at – technology, innovation, HR, finance, marketing, operations – to join with nonprofits to rebuild, reinforce and reimagine their capacity to do good in the communities where we live and work.

Skills for Cities will convene these talented corporate and nonprofit professionals for a citywide, cross-sector day of skills-based volunteering with a focus on nonprofit organizations dedicated to addressing racial inequity and injustices, as well as those that have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, especially those whose services do not translate well into a virtual or social-distancing model.

Launched in 2018, Skills for Cities has provided an estimated $217,500 in pro bono services and delivered on the promise to have a lasting impact on local communities.

Join the Movement

Working together, we can bring our individual strengths to bear on the common goal of building more resilient cities. Join us in October, online and in person. Come to learn and share, stay to roll up your sleeves and work.

For more information on how to get your team involved, download this information sheet or contact us.

Want to bring Skills for Cities to your community? Email Katie Stearns at kstearns[at] for more information.

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