Purpose 360: NFTs for Good

Purpose 360: NFTs for Good

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Non-fungible token. Seed phrase. Ethereum. Cryptocurrency. These are terms that have emerged in recent years and may still leave you puzzled. But what if you learned that these terms and their meta counterparts mean opportunity, inclusivity, representation, creative freedom, and, yes, financial profit? 

Still a relatively new concept for many, this episode breaks down what NFTs are and illustrates the opportunity that exists for corporations, nonprofits, and individual donors who embrace NFTs. 

We invited Nick Fontova, Chief Marketing Officer of the Metaverse Team at Landmark Ventures – known as MrPinkNFT – for a crash course in what NFTs are, how they can be used for good, and why you should get involved now.

Listen for more insights on:

  • Why NFTs are a necessary technological advancement to recognize new forms of art.
  • The new donation opportunities NFTs present to nonprofits. 
  • How you can support underrepresented groups through NFTs.

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