Pro Bono Hotline – New Virtual Volunteering Service from Common Impact

Nonprofits receive free advice on an accelerated timeline from volunteer experts at Fortune 500 level companies

Share this free resource with your nonprofit partners and community impact professionals in your network in need of support as they respond to COVID-19, racial injustice, and other urgent matters.

Common Impact, a national nonprofit that powers social change organizations by connecting them with the business expertise and perspectives of corporate employees, is introducing just-in-time coaching and strategic guidance for nonprofit executives facing new challenges.

Access quick, strategic support through a “hotline” to corporate professionals skilled in areas like risk management, crisis communications, IT planning and more. When time is at a premium for both nonprofits and volunteers, hotlines offer rapid response support for crisis situations or a quick injection of advice for capacity-strapped organizations.

Take this 7-minute survey to express your interest and help Common Impact better understand the support you're looking for!

Common Impact will make every effort to match nonprofits with experts, but it may not always be possible. We will let you know ASAP if we are unable to make a suitable connection. Be sure to check out our full suite of Virtual Volunteer Models for more remote pro bono options.

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