New "Purpose Playbook" Just Released

Created by FSG and the Shared Value Initiative, the playbook is designed to help any corporate citizenship practitioner navigate putting purpose at the center of their business.
New "Purpose Playbook" Just Released

The Shared Value Initiative and FSG have launched the Purpose Playbook to help companies better understand what it means to have a purpose-led organization, what makes a purpose worth having, and how to deliver on the promise of that purpose by focusing on shared value.

FSG and SVI believe that shared value, a business discipline where companies use their core business to drive societal change and enhance their competitiveness, is the most powerful practice to fulfill corporate purpose aspirations. This Playbook is designed to help you bring that practice to life.

In the Purpose Playbook, you will find practices, action steps, and company examples that will help you, the practitioner, navigate your way and check for blind spots as you drive change in your company, your business ecosystem, and for society.

Anxious to get started? Take this 12-question assessment first to determine how the Purpose Playbook can best support your efforts.

Download the Executive Summary here and the full Purpose Playbook here. You can also participate in a virtual learning opportunity designed to help leaders activate their company purpose through shared value. Sign up for their Learning Cohort here.