Navigating the Community

New to CECE? Check out our handy guide to help you best navigate the site!
Navigating the Community

We are delighted you’ve joined us on the Community for Employee Civic Engagement! We hope you’ll take the time to look around, post your thoughts and comments, and have conversations with our expert partners and your peers.

To get you started, we’ve developed this handy guide, which will help you navigate and contribute to CECE.  Certain areas and functions of the platform will be restricted to members only, so be sure to create your account today.

1) Complete your Profile

Help others on CECE get to know you by completing your profile! This is your opportunity to tell us about yourself, showcase your expertise and interests and enable your peers to connect with you more easily. To access your profile, click on the image on the top-right corner of the page and select "edit profile" in the drop-down menu.

Fill out the different fields on that page to the best of your ability and come back to update it at any time. To add a profile photo, browse your computer and either drag and drop or upload a .jpg photo. Choose an image that is larger than 400×400 pixels and save changes.

2) Notification Preferences & Newsletter Emails

You’re able to manage your CECE account by accessing your account settings, where you can change your email or password, update your notification preferences or delete your account.

You’re in charge of your notification preferences, which include the emails you would and would not like to receive from CECE.

Newsletters are biweekly round-ups of expertise and recent posts from CECE that you can activate and deactivate.

3)  Finding Resources

 On the homepage, you'll find four "channels" of information:

  • Welcome to the Community for Employee Civic Engagement: Find out more about CECE, our expert partners and how to navigate the site by reading through these posts.
  • Sector News: Here's where you'll find recent news articles and stories of positive social impact.
  • Citizenship Essentials: This channel is full of curated resources that we think anyone responsible for engaging their fellow employees in the community should read. It's especially great for professionals new to the corporate citizenship sector.
  • Events: Look through our monthly lists of social impact events as well as a few featured events over the coming year.

We will also feature new channels on the home page from time to time to ensure we are highlighting important trends or recent news that impacts the corporate citizenship sector.

Below those channels, you'll find "rooms" where conversations can take place. Pose a question to an expert or to a peer by clicking the green “Start a conversation” button in each of the rooms. You can also reply to these conversations with your own thoughts and opinions.

In the top left-hand navigation menu, you'll find a robust Resource Center where content is categorized by themes relevant to building or enhancing your corporate citizenship strategy. As more resources get added, we'll be adding new channels within the Resource Center.

Please note: Documents posted to CECE can be downloaded to your own computer once you become a member. To find out more about membership, click here.

The search toolbar at the top of each page allows you to search by keywords. Searching this way will display “people” or “content” results that contain your keywords. All pieces of content are tagged with a colorful “Badge.” You can also pull up all content tagged with that keyword by clicking on the Badge itself.

4) The easiest ways to connect with your community: commenting, liking and following.

These three simple functions allow you to engage with the CECE community through its content, allowing you to add your views and show your appreciation.   

Commenting and liking content are the quickest and easiest ways to contribute your expertise, opinions and questions to CECE. Engaging with content allows you to show related expertise, add relevant additional content, support or disagree with a point, share feedback and encourage discussion.

You can comment on all the content you see on CECE. To begin, click the “Comment” button toward the top of any post, video or document. This will take you to the comments section at the bottom of each post where you will see any current comments and/or a space in which to enter a new comment.

Following allows you to stay up to date with particular users like our expert partners by ensuring you receive a notification whenever they publish content. Following is not a requirement to see their content - all registered members can access and download content on the site. 

Now You Know CECE!

All registered users of CECE are encouraged to contribute to the platform by sharing their knowledge, ideas and opinions. If you're interested in becoming a content partner so that you can share blog posts, white papers or research, we'd love to hear more! Please complete the form on our Contact Us page and our Customer Care team will respond as soon as possible.

Enjoy exploring the community and thank you for getting to know CECE!

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