Looking to scale your board programs?

Nonprofit board service is highly effective for companies seeking to advance leadership development, diversity and inclusion, innovation, and sustainability.
Looking to scale your board programs?

Are you a CSR or talent development leader looking to scale your board programs for executives or all levels of staff, domestically or internationally? Studies conducted by Korngold’s firm in partnership with PYXERA Global, IMPACT2030, and the World Environment Center demonstrate that nonprofit board experiences advance the company’s goals by promoting diversity and inclusion, developing employees to find innovative solutions to vital challenges, and recruiting and retaining the best talent.

Reach out for a consultation with PYXERA Global and our partner Korngold Consulting LLC about the opportunity to place your employees on nonprofit boards using a powerful online platform named The Board Vector. The Board Vector is an online, self-guided system to prepare and guide employees in finding the right match for productive and rewarding board experiences. The methodology uses evidence-based algorithms to help companies of all sizes promote the benefits of board service to employees.

Read more here: https://www.pyxeraglobal.org/pyxera-global-korngold-consulting-partner-provide-board-training-matching-tools-companies/

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