CECP has launched the 20th annual Giving in Numbers Survey. In Partnership with world leading companies, the Giving in Numbers Survey allows companies to track progress in a meaningful way. CECP is a coalition of over 200 of the world’s largest companies that represent $11.2 trillion in revenues, $23 billion in societal investment, 14 million employees, and $21 trillion in assets under management. New to our survey this year are specific questions on giving and volunteerism in relation to Covid-19 and social justice support, a closer look at how companies are giving to STEM programs, and a deeper connection to CECP's metric Total Social Investment (TSI). Last year, 223 global companies participated in the survey, including 56 Fortune 100 companies. The Survey informs the Giving in Numbers Report, which comes out in October. View our website to find out more about the Giving in Numbers Report: interested in taking the Survey should contact, the Survey closes March 31. 

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