Getting Businesses Back 2 Business

To honor Veterans Day in the U.S. this week, find out how The Civic 50 2021 honoree, Fiserv, actively supports the military and veteran community throughout the year.
Getting Businesses Back 2 Business

Fiserv plays a critical role in supporting economic growth and improving communities across the country. Through a U.S. military and veterans engagement strategy called Fiserv Salutes, we provide the military community with best-in-class career opportunities, educational resources, and business solutions for veteran-owned businesses.

We believe that hiring qualified veterans, supporting the military community, and helping veterans start and grow their businesses isn’t just the right thing to do — it’s also good business. “We recognize that veteran entrepreneurship is a source of vital strength to our economy and to our communities. Main street success drives our commerce eco-system and veterans and military spouses are an essential and valuable part of that,” said Vivian Greentree, Navy veteran and head of global corporate citizenship at Fiserv. 

Through Fiserv's Back2Business program, launched in the wake of the devastating impact of COVID-19 on the small, diverse business community, Fiserv has committed $50 million to help Black- and minority-owned small businesses get Back2Business through grants, coaching, and access to technology and networking opportunities. 

The military population is one of the most diverse cohorts that exists in the United States. And, Fiserv is proud to have been able to provide grants as part of Back2Business to several veteran or military spouse-owned businesses.  Spearity, My Black PPE, and Ms. Jo's Petite Sweets are just a few of the veteran and military spouse-owned businesses that have received Back2Business grants.

Fiserv leaders Vivian Greentree and Leslie Pierce with Lakeisha Cole of My Black PPE 

Triple Nikel is the most recent veteran-owned Back2Business grant recipient. Through Fiserv's partnership with the Military Influencer conference, we were able to present the grant to the owners of Triple Nikel as part of the Military Influencer Honor2Lead 2021 program. This grant will help Triple Nikel to continue in its mission of being a brand that salutes diversity and increases representation within media portrayals of veterans.

Support for these businesses does not stop at merely financial support. Through community investment partners, Fiserv also provides counseling and access to Clover point of sale systems/products to small, diverse business aggregators and resource providers across the country. In fact, Fiserv has a special business offer for veteran and military-spouse-owned businesses that includes discounts on products and reductions of fees and processing. Additionally, Fiserv's employee resource groups (ERGs) have taken the opportunity to showcase these and other businesses through online marketplaces, ensuring our associates are aware of veteran and military spouse-owned businesses and the products and services they provide.

Prior to the pandemic, there were more than 2.5 million veteran-owned businesses. As we move forward, it is important to us that we work to make sure veteran and military spouse owned businesses are able to get back to business because they have access and exposure to vital education and networking opportunities, technology, coaching, and capital to truly fuel growth of our communities, creating sustainable business and generational wealth for years to come. 

To be competitive in a global market, companies have to see ROI as not only a return on investment but a return on inclusion. And, the military community is a reflection of the best our country has to offer – bringing talent from every state, every socio-economic background, race, religion, gender, and so many more representations of the diverse tapestry that makes up our citizenry. 

Together, we all have the power not only to drive economic growth, but to promote shared prosperity, a belief that our communities can be made better, and that new ideas and inclusive partnerships can solve tomorrow’s problems.

For more information on ways Fiserv supports the veteran and military community, please visit the Fiserv Salutes web page.

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