Disaster Response Planning

CSR Leaders can proactively plan to support their employees and communities throughout disasters and hardships.
Disaster Response Planning

Global conflict and climate change are predicted to increase the support disaster relief organizations will need in 2023. We're helping companies continue to step up to the plate. 

$520 billion

Yearly cost to the global economy from natural disasters 

~26 million

Yearly number of people pushed into poverty from disasters


Number of Americans living paycheck-to-paycheck with no cushion to rebuild

Building Resilient Communities

Corporate social responsibility touches all areas of business when a disaster response plan is in motion. Companies can work towards preparing their employees, investing in nonprofit relationships and connecting to the community to build resilience against disasters. Businesses can be leaders in helping the whole community mitigate risk to bounce back faster and decrease overall costs and disruptions from disasters.

This guide provides:

  • US Natural Disaster Calendar by Season and Region 
  • Response Checklist and Evaluation Criteria
  • Resources and more!


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