Digital Empowers: Systemic Change Powered by Digital Innovation

Thursday , April 21 , 2022 10:00 AM
Digital Empowers: Systemic Change Powered by Digital Innovation

To solve our most pressing societal challenges, technological innovations lies at the heart of enabling positive social change. Through Digital Empowers, TCS has partnered with Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP) and PYXERA Global to foster greater collaboration across sectors using technology and digital innovations to make progress on core social issues, such as the transition to a circular economy, food security, the future of work, access to healthcare, and more.

Join us as we launch Digital Empowers, a multifaceted platform used for staging the big moves needed to advance this work. Leading with a new series of forums, we’ll explore technology's role as an accelerator. As global society faces tectonic shifts in how we work, live, and consume, how might we make choices that lead to systems that are restorative and regenerative? How might technology such as blockchain, AI, and the Internet of Things accelerate this change ethically and sustainably?

In this first forum: Systemic Change Powered by Digital Innovation, you’ll learn how technology can help reimagine our current systems to address current and future impacts on society, economy, and the environment. You’ll also learn how businesses, citizens and societies are using technology to adapt and thrive during the global pandemic.

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