Deliver on Employee and Community Engagement Goals with a Skilled Volunteering Pitch Competition

This quick-hit day of service model provides opportunities for professional development, team building, and nonprofit capacity building.
Deliver on Employee and Community Engagement Goals with a Skilled Volunteering Pitch Competition

Skills-based volunteering or pro bono has become increasingly popular over the past year as a way to boost employee and community engagement, even virtually. The best known model is team consulting, where a team of employees collaborate with a nonprofit for 6 weeks – 6 months and come away with deep talent development wins on top of the social impact. But meaningful skills-based volunteering can also happen in one day or one afternoon and engage large groups of volunteers - pitch competitions are proof!

Common Impact’s new pitch competition case study features snapshots of successful engagements with companies like Eigen Technologies, Salesforce, and Blackbaud. See how their skills-based volunteering projects were designed to deliver measurable results on specific employee and community engagement goals and read firsthand accounts of the powerful impact they had on the volunteers and nonprofit partners.

During these fast-paced events, one or more nonprofits present a challenge to a group of corporate volunteers who work together to develop solutions and recommendations before coming back together to “pitch” their ideas. Nonprofits gain solutions to their business challenges, new tools and resources, and a fresh perspective on how they can optimize their operations. Volunteers benefit from opportunities to flex their skills in new and creative ways, connect with colleagues they might not interact with on a regular basis, and strengthen their sense of purpose at work.

Check out the pitch competition case study and learn more about the types of projects your team can take part in through this model.

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