Commitments in Action: Delivering on Promises Towards Achieving Racial Justice 

Join 3M and PYXERA Global Wednesday, 2/24 at noon ET for a conversation on how 3M is bringing its racial and social justice commitments to life.

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Delivering on commitments to address and dismantle structural racism has been a challenge for many companies. Leaders are grappling with how to break down internal silos, determine critical social issues to address, and effectively engage with community-based organizations. 

Join leaders at 3M for this vital conversation next Wednesday, February 24 at noon, ET. 3M’s Garfield Bowen, Director of Social Justice, Strategy and Initiatives, and Scott Morris, Strategist for Diversity & Inclusion, will join Renay Loper, Vice President of Program Innovation at PYXERA Global. In this conversation, they will discuss how 3M is bringing its racial and social justice commitments to life. They will explore: 

  • Structural changes at 3M that are leading to a sustained focus and impact in social justice. 
  • 3M’s Social Justice Fund, a 3M initiative that elevates the lived experience of diverse employee resource networks to determine community investments.   
  • Intentional programming, including new partnerships with historically black colleges & universities. 
  • What corporate and nonprofit leaders should consider as they measure their impact and progress on social justice.    
  • What corporate leaders driving change from within should consider as they seek to combat injustices in all forms.   

This conversation is part of PYXERA Global’s series ‘Rhetoric to Action: Dismantling Structural Racism through Tri-Sector Approaches'. The series aims to inspire the development of informed, intentional, and direct programming that leads to solutions that dismantle structural racism. 


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