Celebrate Service During #GlobalVolunteerMonth!

Celebrate the power of people who tackle society’s greatest challenges, and build stronger, more vibrant communities through volunteerism and every day actions.
Celebrate Service During #GlobalVolunteerMonth!

Starting April 1, join Points of Light and organizations around the world for a unified kickoff to celebrate Global Volunteer Month. You can shine a light on volunteers, as well as people who take action in other areas of Points of Light’s Civic Circle, who combine their powers to create change. We know there are great challenges facing the communities where we live and work, and we believe that putting a spotlight on those doing good will inspire others to take action. 

Global Volunteer Month is an opportunity to further engage your employees and recognize the power of people to tackle society’s greatest challenges, to build stronger, more vibrant communities, and take action that changes the world. Below we are sharing our plan to drive Global Volunteer Month forward, the resources we’ve developed to help get others involved, and what you can do to participate and spread the word.

How Your Organization Can Participate

Throughout the month, thanks to our lead sponsor, Phillips 66, we’ll be highlighting individuals and organizations that are making a difference in their communities. Read stories from 2021’s Global Volunteer Month for inspiration here.

Learn more at https://www.pointsoflight.org/global-volunteer-month/ 

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