August 2021 Events

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Aug. 11, 1:00 PM ET | Focus on Strategy: Multi-Generational Employee Engagement | Webinar

Different strategies are needed for engaging different employee groups, ranging from Gen Z to retirees who are still actively volunteering or levering workplace giving matches. Join this CECP session to learn considerations for how your company can connect with employees of all generations to maximize community impact all year round.

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Aug. 18-19 | Legal Matters for Corporate Foundations & Giving Programs | Virtual Event

Led by the Council on Foundations Legal Team, this two-day workshop is flexibly organized to ensure that your broad legal questions for administering funds, grants, and corporate foundation activities are addressed. The legal team will provide technical and practical understanding of complex rules and regulations. Throughout the workshop, sessions will be curated with the help of insight gleaned from the Council's top-notch legal team that interacts with nearly 2,000 foundation leaders each year, as well as trends spotted by our broader team.  It will be timely, relevant, and a deeper dive than the basics, surfacing critical insights and expertise to advance your knowledge of the corporate foundation inner workings--from administration to governance, self-dealing to grantmaking.

With each session, there will be time for questions and a deep exploration of the answers. This workshop is open to any board or staff member supporting a corporate foundation or giving program that is eager to dive into the legalities of business models and unlock the truth to effective management and leadership of corporate philanthropy.

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Aug. 24, 1:00 PM ET | Focus on Strategy: Total Social Investment (TSI) | Webinar

Total Social Investment (TSI) is a CECP metric summing up all resources (operational expenses, staff time, and more) the company used for “S” in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts. TSI spans all social efforts and therefore is compatible with the differences that result when companies set strategy based on their materiality assessment. Join this CECP session to hear the latest development in how companies can use the TSI metric to further enhance their corporate leadership and social impact.

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Aug. 24-25, 1 PM to 4 PM ET | Introduction to Impact Measurement: An ACCP Summit | Virtual Event

If you work in CSR or philanthropy, at some point you’ve probably been told to “measure what matters” or that “what matters gets measured.” Yet how and what we measure often remains an elusive subject within corporate citizenship. From inputs to impacts, business ROI to community advancement, we know that measurement has a profound impact on the daily work of corporate citizenship practitioners. Join us for an Introduction to Impact Measurement: An ACCP Summit to learn about the current measurement landscape, an overview of the B4SI model, the need to incorporate equity into your measurement practices, and how to use measurement to show that CSR can be a contributing factor to achieving business goals.

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