ACCP's Corporate Citizenship Guide: DEFINING THE PROFESSION

The importance of CSR has never been more apparent than it is today. Business leaders are recognizing this field and its professionals have a valuable role to play in building company brand, enhancing stakeholder relationships with society as well- while adding financial returns for all involved!
ACCP's Corporate Citizenship Guide: DEFINING THE PROFESSION

Business leaders are increasingly prioritizing corporate citizenship as a vital role within business. When done well, this field and its professionals add significant value to a company’s brand and reputation, enhance stakeholder relationships, and provide both financial and societal returns. That’s why the Association of Corporate Citizenship Professionals is introducing The Corporate Citizenship Guide: Defining the Profession.

This online and print resource will promote a clear understanding of the breadth of corporate citizenship knowledge, roles and responsibilities and assist corporate citizenship professionals in promoting an understanding of the work they do and its impact on both business and society. It offers guidance in five critical areas:

  1. Corporate citizenship strategy and management
  2. Community investment
  3. Measurement
  4. Employee experience
  5. Operations

Each of these areas then contains multiple dimensions of expertise.

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