A Guidebook to Communicating with Global Pro Bono Program Stakeholders about COVID-19 Implications

By Marieka Walsh, Program Manager at PYXERA Global

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All volunteer programs, from skills-based Global Pro Bono programs to traditional hands on engagements are experiencing significant changes to their plans as a result of COVID-19, with many programs postponed, canceled or shifted from in-person to virtual engagements.

Informing program stakeholders—whether they are participating employees, host organizations, or other interested parties—about program changes and the long-term implications will be important for the continued success and sustainability of your programs and can help protect relationships with partners.

A strong communication strategy will minimize uncertainty and put you in a good place to restart full operations once the current situation has passed. We’re happy to share some of our learnings developed over 30 years facilitating pro bono and volunteer programs to help you navigate the way.


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