Volunteering with the Family While Working from Home

Your employees are adjusting to life at home including how to balance work and family. By encouraging volunteering at home, the whole family can get involved and serve their communities together. Share these resources and show your support for family volunteering!
Volunteering with the Family While Working from Home

During these unprecedented times where the majority of the workforce is now working from home, balancing family life, and wanting to make a difference, family volunteering may be the solution to not only taking care of the community, but also engaging the family in service.

Generation On, the youth division of Points of Light, understands the power of families volunteering to create a brighter tomorrow, together!

When your employees and their family volunteer together, they build deep bonds with each other and with the community! It doesn’t take a lot of time to make a big difference. Volunteering helps better the lives of others while also helping family members develop new skills, empathy for others, and a passion for giving back.

The impact of COVID-19 continues to change our daily lives and routines, but the volunteers nonprofits rely on are just as important as ever. Consider sharing these ideas as a resource for your employees interested in volunteering with their families at home.

This weekend, April 17th -April 19th, is Global Youth Service Day, a great opportunity to encourage your employees and their families to get involved in community support efforts.

The following projects can be modified to do at home, and delivered via mail or drop off to adhere to the social distancing guidelines of the CDC. For more volunteering at home project ideas, visit GenerationOn.org or Youth Service America: Global Youth Service Day 2020.

Save the Animals Letter Campaign

Raise awareness of endangered animals in your community and around the world and advocate to protect their habitats by reaching out to local politicians.

Great Reads Bookmarks

Celebrate and share the joy of literacy by hosting a book drive and giving handmade bookmarks to a community in need. Show someone what reading means to you by making colorful and personalized bookmarks to give to your school, local library or community center.

Composting Worm Bins

Some of the world's hardest workers are some of the smallest. Vermicomposting (composting with worms) adds nutrients to the soil and keeps waste out of the landfill. Help your family, school or community be greener by making a vermicomposting bin.

Relax Bottles

School can be frustrating. For some kids with learning disabilities, it can be especially frustrating. You can help them channel and release their frustration by making Relax Bottles: water bottles decorated and filled with glitter. Watching the glitter settle after shaking the bottle can be relaxing.

Advocating for Change

2016 Hasbro Community Action Hero Paloma Rabana, who is legally blind, recognized a gap in services for visually impaired 6-13 year olds in Florida. She led two rallies at the Capitol, wrote an op-ed and lobbied the Florida legislature. Do the same for a cause you're passionate about!

3 Cheers for Local Heroes!

Want to show first responders and emergency volunteers your gratitude? Create hand-made thank you cards for firefighters, healthcare workers, Red Cross emergency personnel, and more in your community or somewhere a disaster or emergency has occurred.


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