How Brands Should Be Responding During the Pandemic

Edelman's updated study showcases the four ways companies should be communicating right now
How Brands Should Be Responding During the Pandemic

Global communications firm, Edelman, completed a 12-market study on the critical role brands are expected to play during the coronavirus pandemic as a follow-up to their recent study on the role of the private sector and trust during this crisis. The firm interviewed 12,000 people in Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Africa, South Korea, the UK and U.S.

If you were ever in doubt that brands matter, this new data reveals the power and necessity of brand as well as their urgent need to act. While they are specifically observing how brands should position themselves externally, the list below could also serve as a critical playbook for aligning internal communication response.

  1. Show up and do your part. Brands have a vital role to play. Now is not the time to disappear, but to show up and use all your resources and creativity to make a difference.
  2. Don't act alone. There is strength in collaboration. To truly help people during this crisis requires a joining of forces with others, most critically government.
  3. Solve, don't sell. Brands should focus all efforts on finding appropriate and meaningful solutions to the problems people are facing today.
  4. Communicate with emotion, compassion and facts. People are reassured by positive brand actions and commitments. Communicate with empathy to help both inform and calm.

Read and download the full study observations here

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