Facing a global pandemic, many of our partners are asking, “what can we do?” We'd like to share some ways for you to remain engaged during this unprecedented time.

PYXERA Global is planning COVID-19 response efforts in close collaboration with our partners in the public, private, and social sectors. We are developing opportunities to enable you to deploy your employees to address real-time needs in the public health system. Right now, we are planning two initial ways to do this:  

  • Immediate Action: In the immediate term, we are working with public health sector clients and partners to develop programming that bridges critical staffing and expertise gaps in local and county governments and other local healthcare agencies. This can be done virtually with larger numbers of employees or in specific locales. We have identified projects that can be completed in short periods of time such as virtual call center support, data management, database development, contact tracking and more.  While our current planning has been US-focused to date, we are prepared to work with you to support the public health infrastructure in other countries as well.
  • COVID-19 Corporate Challenge: Understanding that one of the most important elements of crisis management is to prepare for the next crisis, we have created the COVID-19 Corporate Challenge to capture the best problem-solving skills of corporations and partners to address the systemic issues that have made the current response so difficult. Our challenge framework engages employees to bring bold solutions to address the limitations in the public health system surfaced by COVID-19 and to bring greater resiliency to the public health infrastructure to weather the current pandemic and to be prepared for future global health challenges. 

To learn more about these new opportunities, listen to the full recording of our latest Global Pro Bono LEAD call where corporate professionals convene to discuss the latest trends and happenings in skills-based volunteerism. You can listen here and access the accompanying slides here.

PYXERA Global is working on additional ways to harness corporate expertise to make an important contribution in this critical moment. We want to hear from you and understand your interest in the above opportunities, or in other COVID-19-focused programming. 

To learn more, please contact Amanda MacArthur, Chief Program Officer, PYXERA Global at   

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