When your employees can't serve in-person

Ideas for approaching employee volunteering during COVID-19 restrictions
When your employees can't serve in-person

Planning for the impacts of COVID-19 on communities, employees and business operations has been an added focus for most employers over the last several weeks. In the civic engagement sector, leaders have been asked to plan alternatives, postpone or cancel planned volunteer experiences for workers in response to limits on travel and event attendance. With the focus on the health and safety of staff and partners, how do you balance your purpose work? 

I invite you to read my blog posted to Points of Light's website today:


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about 3 years ago

Thanks so much for this important message, Jenny! It's critical that companies find safe and effective ways to continue to engage in their service efforts through this time of increased anxiety. So many nonprofits are losing thier support while the need for their services increases, and there are smart ways to volunteer through the safety of an employee's home or office, particulalry through skills-based volunteering and pro bono.  Thanks for sharing your guidance and advocacy.