Increasing Workplace Giving through Behavioral Science

It sounds nerdy, but research conducted by ideas42 tells us it works!
Increasing Workplace Giving through Behavioral Science

A few short years ago, Points of Light invited the team from ideas42 to our annual Corporate Service Council meeting. There they shared insights from their research on increasing charitable giving through intentional behavioral design.

How do Americans make choices around their giving especially through their employer - whether it's after a recent disaster or throughout the year? How can social impact leaders make it easier for them to give or enable them to boldly act on their intentions?

ideas42 concluded their research in 2018, and created the white paper, "Best of Intentions: Using Behavioral Design to Unlock Charitable Giving" to answer these pertinent questions:

  • Would framing unused incentives as missed opportunities prompt donors to be more generous?
  • Do giving goals help people think more holistically about their charitable actions?
  • Can curating charities lead donors to be more generous and select more effective organizations?

Download the paper today to ensure you are integrating behavioral design into your future workplace campaigns!

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