Questions to Ask Potential Nonprofit Partners

From the Billion + Change archives, a quick guide of questions to ask potential nonprofit partners when interested in creating a skills-based project.
Questions to Ask Potential Nonprofit Partners
  • Do you have any projects or programs that support [COMPANY IMPACT AREA, such as education, environment, economic development health care, etc]?
  • If yes, are there things that you have wanted to do but haven’t had the resources? For example, is there a population you haven’t been able to serve or a need you haven’t been able to meet? Another way to frame this question is as follows: If you had all the money you wanted or needed for your project or program, what would you do that you are not doing now?
  • Do you have interest in supporting a program or project that supports [COMPANY IMPACT AREA]?
  • Are you currently working with any other organizations on this issue?

  • Would you be interested in collaborating with another organization to support this issue?

  • Have you worked with pro bono or skills-based volunteers in the past?

  • Do you have ideas for ways to engage [COMPANY NAME’S] employees in volunteer projects to support your mission?

  • Where would the site of the volunteer project be (City, State)? Could this be a remote project?

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