2021 in Review: “Most Viewed” Resources on CECE

Take a look back at what members were reading on CECE throughout this past year!
2021 in Review: “Most Viewed” Resources on CECE

Disruption; rinse and repeat. This year seemed an awful lot like last year except that the novelty of lockdowns and quarantines completely disappeared. In its wake, we felt tremendous loss, trepidation about returning to the office, and sadness to see colleagues moving on to other roles – some of whom were our most committed volunteers and social impact champions. However, out of the disruption, we also experienced a few breaths of normalcy, a chance to safely travel again, and an excitement for reimagining the ways we mobilize employees due to newly created hybrid work environments.

What was top of mind for CECE members in 2021? Let’s take a look at our most viewed resources over the past year.

Social impact leaders continued to look for ways to encourage employees to share their time and talents and keep them engaged in solving community issues:

Some took time to delve into new ways of measuring the impact their corporate citizenship programs were having on both the communities where they operate and their business, which also left them curious for best-in-class benchmarking data:

This year also found small and large companies alike ensuring that their social impact strategies and infrastructure reflected their stated corporate values:

Lastly, social impact leaders searched for inspiration in order to innovate the delivery of programs, especially those that centered on pressing social issues like equity and climate change:

Though it’s been another unusual, disruptive and, at times, challenging year, we see so many good reasons to be thankful and excited for what lies ahead. We look forward to rolling out new features on CECE in the new year so make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to receive highlighted content and new stories every two weeks (check your notification preferences in your account settings).

To end on a promising note, while I’ve shared with you what you were searching for this year on CECE, check out what the world was searching for on Google… See you all in 2022!

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