2020 in Review: Top 8 "Most Viewed" Resources on CECE

A quick look back as we move forward into 2021
2020 in Review: Top 8 "Most Viewed" Resources on CECE

What a year. On both a personal and professional level, 2020 has left its indelible mark. It’s also brought to the forefront many pressing social issues that are facing communities around the world, some of which were made significantly worse by the pandemic.  Corporate citizenship leaders stepped into the spotlight, working in tandem with their colleagues, to provide low-maintenance assistance to their nonprofit partners doing the hard work on the ground, providing new and different ways for employees to make an impact through virtual activation or voting activities, while also leading efforts to shore up corporate commitments to racial equity.

It’s no surprise that many of the top resources viewed on CECE throughout this past year followed similar themes:

Committing to Racial Equity and Social Justice. Diversity and inclusion have been hot corporate topics for several years, but never before have we seen such a groundswell of support for  action:

  1. VeraWorks’ Social Justice Organizations with Employee Volunteer Opportunities
  2. Points of Light’s Next Steps in Anti-Racism Response: Where to Donate and Who to Support

Doubling Down on Disaster Response. The wildfires that ravaged during the beginning of 2020 seem like a distant memory, but then came monsoons, floods, derechos and hurricanes, not to mention a global health crisis:  

  1. Common Impact’s Disaster Response: From Relief to Resiliency

New Ways of Mobilizing Employees. Many companies tried out virtual volunteering for the first time and expanded their definition of “doing good” to allow for the many acts of kindness completed by employees:

  1. Liberty Mutual’s Conference workshop: Flipping the Script: Strategies for a Community-Focused Employee Volunteer Program
  2. Points of Light’s Eight Ways to Engage Employees in their Communities... Right Now!

Retooling Corporate Support of Nonprofits. Now more than ever, nonprofits on the frontlines need corporate support and the pandemic allowed many to lower barriers and rethink their social impact strategies:

  1. PYXERA Global’s Pandemic Update: The Nonprofit Community’s Overlooked Sectors Need Help
  2. Taproot Foundation’s Service at a Distance: How Virtual Pro Bono Can Help Others Right Now
  3. True Impact’s Rapid Response Reporting: 3 tools to track progress without overwhelming nonprofit partners

What’s on the horizon for corporate citizenship in 2021? Read this retrospective from Porter Novelli on what happened in 2020 and some interesting prognosis for 2021. There are also some insightful 2021 predictions from leading social impact experts aggregated by cause marketing expert and founder of Engage for Good, David Hessekiel.

As we enter this next decade and move closer to 2030 when the UN Sustainable Development Goals should be met, we know there is so much hard work to be done. We are proud to have our expert partners contributing to CECE to educate and provide resources to the sector, and we are equally proud to have all of you with us on this journey.  

Cheers to a new year! No matter what it brings, together we'll be ready for it!

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