10th Annual Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement Trends

This year we’ve been able to analyze the data in new ways! For the first time in 10 issues, we decided to take a look back and review how a few key metrics have changed over time. Read the following report to dive a bit deeper.
10th Annual Report on Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement Trends

This Established Report Analyzes Data from the YourCause® Portfolio of Software for Centralized Social Impact to Show How Companies and Their Employees Engage with Purpose

Since 2015, the Industry Review has been developed to provide corporations insight into employee engagement and social responsibility. Observations of key learnings and trends throughout this report were analyzed through data collected within the CSRconnect® and GrantsConnect® platforms. The 2022 report consolidates and details data collected between January and December 2021. Our team sets out to identify shifts in employee philanthropic behavior, as well as trends in program elements offered by corporations to their employee population. Findings in this report are from a subset of the entire client and employee population.

For this 10th anniversary of the Industry Review we provided a look back at trends over time. This report continues to provide insights that help companies large and small craft programs that fit into their company culture and drive employee engagement that creates social impact around the world.

Download the full report and gather more information on trends in CSR by visiting the YourCause® from Blackbaud website!

“As social responsibility professionals, we are working in a world that is changing dramatically and with people who are seeking increased support from their employers to help manage through these shifts.”

– Rachel Hutchisson
Vice President, Global Social Responsibility, Blackbaud

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