Eight Ways to Engage Employees in their Communities... Right Now!

In light of the global pandemic, Points of Light has compiled eight unique ways to engage fellow employees in service to their communities. Which tactics have you integrated into your social impact strategy?

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Like many other aspects of our lives, employee civic engagement—mainly traditional employee volunteering—has been considerably affected by recent global events. Restrictions imposed to protect the health and safety of communities worldwide have forced well-planned enterprise-wide galvanizing moments of service to be either postponed or canceled. There is also no clarity on the duration of these restrictions. We have seen the increase of informal volunteering (e.g., helping neighbors), the widespread emergence of mutual-aid or viral kindness networks, and emergency-response platforms and initiatives along with the proliferation of digital engagement opportunities. All of this has left CSR and employee engagement professionals to ask, “What is the best way to adapt current employee community engagement activities to meet the needs of today?” 

As organizers and leaders of employee volunteers, corporate social responsibility practitioners are in a unique position to reimagine and reframe engagement programs and rebuild their role in enabling their employees to continue giving back, supporting, and contributing to improving their local communities in a changing environment.

The following resource will explore ideas and provide actionable examples for making sure CSR leaders can meet the expectations of addressing current, pressing community needs and harnessing employees’ passion for serving.

As you read through the eight strategies, think about how you would respond to each and consider what tactics would or wouldn’t work for your organization.


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These are super simple and great ideas.